Walmart Tire Centre Hours


Regardless of the status of a car, whether it is brand new or has been around for a while, there is one thing in common. It needs to be well maintained to ensure its performance and efficiency is on par with its originality. With a wide array of auto services and is available across the United States, Walmart’s Auto Care Center is definitely the right place.

Aside from a great engine, spare parts or additional built-in technology innovated within this era; there is that one important aspect that needs focus more than anything else. A set of good quality tires at an ideal and affordable price would be the last touch to boost our vehicle performance. On a more profound note, it ensures our safety as we draw focus towards the tire’s grip, longevity and overall durability. With that, Walmart’s Tire Center is the best place to get you some top-notch tires.

Walmart Tire Centre Hours


As majority of the centers run till late night or even 24 hours, it is convenient especially for those who requires last minute services or are in mishaps, being caught in an emergency. Here is a short summary of a few outlets:


Operating for 24 hours:



Clermont Supercenter



Mesa Supercenter

Rogers Supercenter



Columbus Supercenter

Indiana Supercenter



Olathe Supercenter


Los Angeles

Bossier Supercenter

Kenner Supercenter



Springfield Supercenter



Lincoln Supercenter



Brandon Supercenter


South Carolina

North Charleston



Barlett Supercenter



Bedford Supercenter

Houston Supercenter

Mesquite Supercenter

Dallas Supercenter


Operating from 5a.m – 12a.m:



Boise Supercenter


In addition, a short list of outlets that runs from 7 a.m to 11 p.m in Ontario, Canada

Orleans, Peterborough, Kanata, Ottawa, Kingston, Trenton


There are a variety of installation packages offered to suit one’s needs. Services are also provided for those who purchases tires outside of Walmart but certainly, a different charge is still included. According to research, there are quite a fair amount of negative feedbacks following the services offered. A customer who serviced his car at an unstated Walmart outlet reviewed that the closing hours stated were 6pm yet the outlet decided to stop their operations by 5pm on that day. With that, it is suggested best to call up the center, make an appointment if that is available instead of getting your hopes up and time wasted upon arrival.

To add on, a number of customers made similar complain whereby it took the center longer than expected just to change a tire or two. As duration is given, however the center did not follow up with the customer when there were technical difficulties, lacking manpower or due to weather constraint. It was as if they could not own up to their incompetency and instead, decided to keep the consumers waiting aimlessly. Moreover, the employees made negative impressions. They were deemed rude to top off their slow operation.

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With the weather constantly changing, it is best to change your tires in accordance to season. Again, majority of the Walmart Tire Centers are opened 24 hours, so fret not and always look it up before making any plans. Believe that there are still many good, fast working, competent outlets out there. With good tires, a better car performance, guaranteed safety and the best possible mileage is attained as well.


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