Walmart Thanksgiving hours


Festivals are a wonderful time of the year

USA, Canada, Liberia and some parts of the Caribbean Island celebrate many festivals that have similar values. One such festival that occurs in the month of October in Canada and in November in the USA is Thanksgiving. As the name suggests, this festival is celebrated in order to give thanks to family and friends so that the harvest in the following year is better. Moreover, this joyous festival occurs on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA. It is a national holiday for almost every individual following Christianity all over the world as well.

Walmart Thanksgiving hours

The major reason why this celebration happens is to celebrate the harvest. In New England, the harvest happens before November; however, they still celebrate this in the same month. Where it was first celebrated still remains a conflict.

People buy gifts for their friends and family on this festive occasion to display their love and gratitude towards them. Many of them also host parties with their families or group of friends where they have a tradition to eat turkey together, especially in the US.

The sale of stores and gift shops increase to a great deal at this time of the year which is why at Thanksgiving hour in Walmart type stores, there are special sales that one may find. These stores also have certain celebrations for people who visit their store just so that they could display a token of thankfulness to customers who buy from them.

Thanksgiving hours in Walmart

Thanksgiving hours in Walmart start at 6 pm in the evening and remains closed the entire day so that their staff members are able to have a good time with their loved ones. The amount of people rushing into Walmart, even at that particular day is unbelievable. This store makes more than operating for just 4-5 hours on that particular day than they make on any other non-festive day. The same goes for other stores; however, some of them choose to remain open for the entire day even at festive times so that they are able to serve all their customers whenever they need them.


Wonderful tradition

It is a wonderful tradition to say thank you to the people you love and even to your creator. When you are filled with gratitude in your heart, even for a single day, it creates a ripple effect where everyone near you and the others near them and so on, begin to feel the joy in their heart, hence giving the world a positive feeling to live with. This is the reason why the harvest becomes better because farmers carry out their job happily and look towards progress instead of thinking anything negative.


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