With a whopping number of 11,718 stores and clubs across 28 countries that are working under as large a number as 59 names, Walmart has made a huge and colossal impact in the corporate world. The company was successfully incorporated on 31 October 1969. It also owns and runs Sam’s Club retail warehouses.

In 2016, it was undoubtedly the largest U.S. grocery retailer store. Walmart has grown rapidly from the very beginning and now it is one of the most valuable companies in the world, with a total revenue of over $500.34 million. However, the most popular of all times in Walmart is Walmart Sunday Hours which usually will start from the starting of festivals in the USA like Thanksgiving Eve, Easter, Christmas, and New Year.

Walmart Sunday hours

There are days when Walmart gets shut down early or doesn’t open at all due to any such special occasions. These instances are referred to as Walmart Holiday Hours. You cannot enjoy their service or products during this time as they would not be able to provide any.

Walmart stores remain open on every day except on a few selected dates. Unfortunately, you cannot reach Walmart stores during these holiday hours.


During the weekdays, the customer service portal is open 24×7 through any kind of online feedback form. In case of any kind of complaint or issues, the customers can call the customer care between 8 am to 5 pm but only when they want to talk to Walmart home office. In order to contact the store, the customers can call customer care between 7 am and 11 pm.

On weekends, the customers will not get the option for contacting Walmart home office because it remains closed on these days. But with the aid of the portal for online feedback forms, the customers can connect with them anytime. Needless to say, this initiative by Walmart is quite helpful to the customers.

Some customers visit Walmart stores quite often that it is imperative that they must know about Sunday Hours of the nearest Walmart store. However, to know the Sunday hour of any nearby Walmart store, the customers can contact the store personnel.

In addition to that, the customers can connect with the customer service department via email to get the details about the store, products, cost or services. There might be a chance of no response for a certain reason. In such cases, it is better to go for a call or use the power of social media to locate a customer service agent. At last, the customers can mail them to the respective Walmart addresses.

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Walmart undoubtedly provides great products with 24×7 hours of the excellent and impeccable customer as well as sales service, thus, affecting a huge population. If the customers are avid Walmart customers, we hope that these customers have now gotten the basic details of Walmart Sunday hours. For any correction or suggestion, the customers can always reach out to the Walmart personnel for assisting them. It is imperative that they know about the Sunday Hours because many of them go for shopping on weekends.



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