Pray for the well-being of the dead

It is weird to think about the fact that some celebrations in the world involve dressing up in ghostly costumes and scare other people; however, the actual history behind such a festival is entirely different. Halloween is the occasion that is celebrated across the world, especially in the USA and England, where people dress up in weird costumes. This started with the Celts who lived 2000 years ago. There are many theories about why this festival came into effect. It is celebrated on 31st October and the day following this festival is celebrated as All Saints Day.

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The Celts, in England, believed that it was the time of the year when spirits rose from their graves. The reason behind this is that 31st October is the last day of the harvest season after which follows the harsh and terrible winter which brings death. The Celts lit bonfires and wore clothes made of animal skin. They believed that the could tell each other’s fortunes when they did this. This celebration came to America in the late 19th century when the Irish fled from the potato famine and settled in the USA. America cultivated this festival from the English and the British and started to celebrate it in a different way.

They wore sinister costumes as they believed that it could keep away ghosts and other paranormal beings that were present on that day. Other activities include kids going from door to door screaming “trick-or-treat” and collect candies. People arrange costume parties and dine with their loved ones. These are some major reasons why, the sale of stores at this time of the year is at its peak, especially costume stores, candy, and cake store as well as grocery stores. Halloween hours in Walmart like stores are open for the entire day. Due to the fact that people buy costumes, gifts, and candies, stores like Walmart also come up with various discount ideas that boost their sale.

Walmart Halloween Hours

Walmart hours in Halloween also involves special hours where they have special offers for their customers which is why even people wait until the last hour to buy gifts and costumes on Halloween. The best part is that the very next day is All Saints Day which is also celebrated greatly around the globe. Due to the fact that it is a holy festival, people pray to the creator to keep them safe and give them a good harvest the following year. It was believed that the ghosts of the dead were angry whenever there was a bad harvest which is why, on All Saints Day, people pray for their souls to rest in peace.


Although the  USA has cultivated this festival from other countries stores in America, such as Walmart, experience the highest amount of sale at this time of the year.


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