Easter hasn’t lost its sanctity yet

Christianity is one of the most popular religions that is followed by many people all across the globe. There are many types of Christians, for example, Roman Catholics, Protestants, etc. All of them follow the same god; however, their beliefs are different. The festivals that they celebrate also have different significance. Easter is one such occasion which is widely celebrated by the Roma Catholics and is frowned upon by the Protestants due to the fact that they believe that it isn’t mentioned in the Bible to celebrate this day.

This festival is majorly celebrated because Jesus was known to be resurrected on this day. Catholics believe that this day is Holy and should be celebrated as a mark of the triumph of righteousness over death. There is no specific date fixed for this occasion; however, the date falls in the month of March, April or May and is the following Monday after Good Friday.

Walmart Easter hours

In most places, it is a national holiday as well. people visit the church and sing hymns to remember the day when Jesus came back to life. In many places, eggs are decorated and at times filled with candies inside. This is taken as a symbol of life where the egg hatches on Easter symbolizing the re-birth of Christ.

Christians host dinner parties at their homes and invite their loved ones to enjoy with them. Sales of shops and stores are quite high at this time of the year as well. at many locations Walmart hours on Easter remain as usual; however, at certain places, they close early as well. To maintain the sanctity of this day, stores such as Walmart also hosts Easter parties which people can attend.

The sale of Easter targeted goods such as eggs becomes very high at grocery stores. People present expensive gifts to the church as well which is where stores such as Walmart come into play.


Easter Sunday’s and Easter Mondays

Easter Sunday’s and Easter Mondays are quite popular amongst the Catholics and they celebrate this day, even if it is opposed by the other sections of people who follow the same religion. They believe that the symbol of this day should be kept alive by remembering that Christ rose from the dead. It means that he was a true son of God and meant to pass on the message that no matter how tough it is in the cruel world,the right will always be done for the right people.


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