Walmart Bakery Hours



Sam Walton started Walmart with a strategy of selling goods at a low-profit-margin but keep up to the expectation of the consumer. Many of the retailers at that time thought that his idea was going to fail; however, Sam exceeded his own expectation. He believed in saving and let people save money, instead of making extra incentive out of the customer’s pocket. Today Walmart specializes in all products of daily needs there are.

Walmart Bakery Hours

About Walmart Bakery Hours:

The bakery part of this retail store specializes in the selling of fresh bread, cakes, pastries, and other sweets. Quality of products provided by this store has always been wonderful and the prices are reasonable.

  • On Tuesday, Walmart has happy hours because the bakery remains open 24/7
  • Normal Walmart bakery hours are from 6 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 6 am to 1 am on Sunday
  • As soon as the bakery opens, you can walk right in, and still find freshly baked goods
  • When it is about food, it is important to keep a check on the expired products. In case a certain product has gone bad, it is better if that is thrown out so that it does not affect the health of anyone
  • Walmart has always lived up to its reputation which is why there are these checks that they conduct when it is about proper hygiene in terms of food or even baked goods
  • Every product in the bakery undergoes a standard assessment only after which it is displayed to be sold
  • Being of the biggest players in the market, the bakery operates as per normal even on weekends and on public holidays.
  • Holidays are the time when bakeries triple their profit. Almost every person buys something sweet and cakes at the time of a festival which is why it is important for the bakery to remain open, especially in public holidays
  • Customer reviews for the bakery are also very good. Most of the people appreciate the taste and the price. Many others appreciate the commitment that they show towards their valuable customers
  • Special discounts and sales are available in the festive time, in order to draw more crowds to the store. Walmart bakery hours also include happy hours when they have a high discount sale going on for an hour or two
  • Customer service at this store is explicit. You can find helpers everywhere in case you aren’t able to find something specific. Even if you want to order customized cakes, this store has the provision to get that done, in the time-frame that you want it to be

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Next time, you are looking for a good bakery to buy your Christmas cake from, turn to Walmart. With amazing service, quality products and great operating hours, what more could you want out of a bakery?


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