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Purchasing a vehicle isn’t that difficult, the difficult part comes after that. To buy a car or a scooter, you can easily finance and pay it off in easy installments; however, the real work comes, once the good is bought. Servicing and maintaining an auto need to be done by professionals who know what is all is supposed to be fixed. In case, the vehicle breaks down or has some fault, it can be detected best by a person who knows about the specifications of that particular vehicle. There exist many companies that provide such services pertaining to vehicles and one such company is Walmart.

At Walmart, the operating hours for auto service are:

Mon to Sat: 7 am to 7 pm

Sunday: 8 am to 12 pm

These operating hours give people the flexibility to schedule the appointment with a dealer at the time that suits them best. They start early so that people can get their vehicles checked before they leave for work and can pick it up while returning from work. Apart from this, they provide a variety of services at Walmart Auto Service Centre. Tire services, battery services, oil and lube services, and many other services are some of the basic business activities. Rates are really affordable and match the general market standards.

Automotive hours in walmart

Right from an oil change to a complete servicing of your vehicle, you can rely on the professionals at Walmart in terms of taking care of your two, three or four-wheeler. Pick and drop service is also available at no extra cost, in case your place is within the kilometer range that they have.

Walmart Automotive hours

Walmart Automotive hours are committed as it is displayed on their website which means that they are very punctual when it is about their operating hours. The professionals are qualified and chosen from the cream crowd. They know their job well as they have many years of experience in the related field.


You don’t need to look anywhere else, if you have a Walmart auto service center near you because that is the best option to get your automobile fixed, services or repaired. They have consultants who can provide you advice on finance options in case you want to purchase a new or a second-hand vehicle. By providing you with the intel on the latest and the best vehicle models, they help in making a confirmed decision where you can be sure that you will be investing your money in the best vehicle, as per your budget and requirements.


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